18 05 2024


In a young person’s life, their fifteenth birthday is quite an important moment. On one hand, we feel almost like adults and want to be treated as mature individuals. On the other hand, we still have pimples popping up and scraped knees from wild adventures. Developmental psychologists argue that adolescence is characterized by, among other things, the search for values, ideas, and ideologies, the formation of identity, and the determination of one’s own ego. However, for cultural institutions, fifteen years of existence is still not much. It is not as significant as a twenty, thirty, or fifty-year anniversary. It’s a bit too little to celebrate and commemorate like round and momentous jubilees with speeches, flowers, and dignitaries at grand openings.

And yet, this „immaturity” contains youthful energy. It is open to the possibilities of continuous experimentation, change, and plot twists. Ambiguous choices in the process of creating one’s own identity among other galleries in the country. What may not be suitable for the program of a well-deserved and respected institution may be overlooked for a fifteen-year-old. It may even attract attention and surprise visitors.

In 2024, the Gdańsk City Gallery will be fifteen years old. However, this is not a reason for us to create formal events. There will be no anniversary exhibition, diplomas, or mutual congratulations. Instead, we want to give you the best of what the art world has to offer: keeping up with contemporary trends, collaborating with the local and national artistic community based on mutual trust and respect for independence, reaching towards various threads present in the current creative debate, without preconceived notions that something should be solely eco, solely posthumanistic, solely about postcolonialism. Above all, we believe in the artistic individuals we work with – their opinions are the most interesting to us. We prioritize dialogue with artists and our audience. Our small team works tirelessly to provide you with the most interesting experiences, moments of reflection, and critical reception of creative proposals. And if we stumble along the way? Well, we’re only 15 years old.

Marcel Kaczmarek, who has been guarding our visual identity for several years, prepared the birthday logo for us. This logo will adorn our press materials until the end of 2024.