Beaufort Scale

Beaufort Scale is a new cycle of meetings, lectures, and debates carried out at the Gdansk City Gallery designed at the stimulation of debate and exchange of knowledge between specialists of different academic fields and the inhabitants of the Tri-City. This is because we are convinced that specialist discourse does not have to be doomed to university walls, and the confrontation of new cultural and social ideas with the daily reality may enrich us all. We invite artists, activists, specialists in various fields of humanities and others to participate in the debates, presentations, and lectures.

If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student of art, history of art, cultural studies, film studies, language studies or sociology, or if you are writing a dissertation on an interesting topic and want to share your research with the public, GCG is open to sharing its space and time with you. Write to us – we will be happy to meet you and listen to your idea for a presentation.

Beaufort Scale is used for the determination of the wind speed on land and at sea. With its help we want to measure the level of social involvement and various interests of the inhabitants of the Tri-City.