Coordination: Agnieszka Baaske

Contact: phone 501 520 149, e-mail

Place: Gdansk City Gallery 1 (Piwna 27/29), Gdansk City Gallery 2 (Powroźnicza 13/15), Gdansk Günter Grass Gallery (ul. Szeroka 34/35-37) and Art Studio (Szeroka 34/35-37, entry at Grobla I ½)

3 TIMES LUCKY ART is a cycle of art education workshops dedicated to exhibitions displayed in the Gdansk City Gallery throughout the year. We conduct two meetings for each of the exhibitions presented at the Gdansk City Gallery 1, Gdansk City Gallery 2, and 4G. The workshop activities closely connected with the curator’s idea and the artist’s vision in the space of the Gallery aim at the deepening of the reception of the values referred to during the exhibitions. Our workshops are based on the search for the gist, catching a peculiar interpretation, embarking on a magical trip or enjoying an ordinary play with a context. The relationship between the audience and modern art is an important aspect of culture, an indispensable element of personal and social development.

The offer is directed to primary school pupils as well as secondary school and university students. We welcome contact from teachers and lecturers. The workshops may have the form of an open lesson.