Günter Grass virtual gallery

Günter Grass Gallery in Gdańsk houses a collection of the Nobelist’s 141 art pieces. The foundation of this collection was a gift from Grass to the City of Gdańsk in 2007 which included 51 graphics and 6 sculptures. In 2009 the Günter Grass Gallery in Gdańsk was established in order to store and present these works of art. To commemorate the opening Grass gave another gift to the City – this time 18 drawings.


The collection is regularly expanded: in 2013 the City of Gdańsk purchased the sculpture „The Hen” and the series of graphics printed in 2013 to celebrate the anniversary of the first edition of the novel „Dog Years” (51 prints).

The Gallery’s collection includes mainly graphics in the following techniques: lithography, etching, algraphy (altogether 52 lithographs, 1 algraphy, 51 etchings), drawings (made with charcoal, graphite, ink, sepia and sanguine), altogether 18 (including 1 two-sided piece), sculptures – bronzes (18 pieces, including 5 reliefs and 2 sculpture groups), 1 terracotta – altogether 19. The works represent different periods of Grass’s artistic development, constituting a wide range of techniques and styles practiced by the artist throughout the years.

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