13 10 2023
– 10 12 2023

Dominika Gierszewska MY EYES ARE GLOWING AGAIN

Venues: GGM1, ul. Piwna 27/29
Date: 13 October – 10 December 2023
Opening: 13.10.2023, 7pm

Artist: Dominika Gierszewska
Curators: Alicja Jelińska
Visual identification: Michał Pecko


Our powers of observation are dwindling. We don’t know when the Sun actually sets. The only indicators of the passing time are flowers on the windowsill. The 24/7 city lamps extend the daylight and we don’t even know that the day is over. The freaking lamps.

~~Poem by Dominika Gierszewska included in the Made-Up Hours installation


Imagine that the piercing noise of the thrown away debris becomes your bedtime lullaby. Imagine that you are looking at the fields ruffled by the wind and you have an overwhelming desire to comb them like hair.

Welcome to the world of Dominika Gierszewska, the artist whose gaze every day attracts and filters seemingly random elements of the surrounding space. Through her installations build from ready-made objects and poetry, the artist shows us what and how she sees in the landscape around her while exploring mechanisms of individual perception. The viewer’s attention is drawn to selected and unobvious fragments of what she notices during her walks and travels, like a flâneur in the arcades. Toying with proportions and perspective, reducing or enlarging everyday objects and giving them new meanings, Gierszewska introduces us to the world of her perception. The objects which she creates are a metaphor for the way she feels about the surrounding world. In her art, the street lamp becomes the enemy of sunsets, the slide – a monster, and the bonsai tree – a huge forest.

Focusing on the question of perception, Gierszewska also confronts her viewers with the problem of lack of attention and perpetual distraction resulting from the excess of stimuli. Do you want to try your hand at fighting the internal and external chaos? Put your foot on the first line of her poem and practice the difficult art of watchfulness look carefully at your surroundings.





Dominika Gierszewska is a visual artist and poet. She graduated from the University of the Arts in Poznań (UAP), Faculty of Intermedia, where she defended her thesis entitled Considerations on mindfulness. The low-floor man. In her art, she focuses at objects and the perception itself. As the winner of the Gdańsk City Gallery Award in the Best Arts Diploma national competition, she has been given the opportunity to have an individual exhibition at the Gallery.

More about the author: www.dominikagierszewska.com


The exhibition will be accompanied by a workshop in the Gallery of the Senses. The purpose of the exhibition is to help us understand how the city is perceived by people with visual disabilities. The workshop will be held on 25.11.2023 – please register in advance. Registration for workshop thru GoOut platform – https://goout.net/pl/bilety/warsztaty-do-wystawy-dominiki-gierszewskiej/wtjv/


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