25 11 2022
– 15 01 2023

Still Life

Opening: 25.11.2022, 18.00-20.00
Date: 25.11.2022-15.01.2023
Venue: 4G, ul. Szeroka 37

Artist: Marek Targoński
Curator: Grażyna Tomaszewska
Visual identification: Anna Witkowska
Opening hours: Tue-Sun Noon-6 PM

The Still Life exhibition of Marek Targoński’s works is the next display at the GGM venue belonging to Logos-Bios – the cycle presenting sculpting creations of the Tri-city based artists. Targoński’s creation took shape in the early 90s within the circles of the iconic galleries: Wyspa and Łaźnia. However, the artist has managed to forge his individual style, distinct from the prevailing trends of those days. His complex structures frequently employ advanced technologies, thus offering his own definition of sculpture. For long, his works have remained in close proximity of the analysis and assessment of social processes. Marek Targoński has been consistent in addressing vital questions, undertaking a profound analysis of reality and questioning imponderables. His sculptures encourage an insight into a constant need of self-definition as well as the determination of the choices made. And such is also the display of his works at the 4G gallery. The artist, who makes an effort to draw near the tragedy of the war in Ukraine, in spite of his narrowed perspective of a distant observer, shares his reflection in the space of the gallery, within the context of art. Hence, he evokes the question about the dimension of the artistic reference in the face of the unfathomably barbaric condition. Such a safe perspective of observation facilitates self-reflexion of our own status quo. The exhibition showcases the titular piece Still Lives which basically consists of shattered objects of daily use. They were arranged by the artist in order to be copied either in paint or pencil – the idea conveying itself an element of paradox. The first and second-year students of the Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Painting have been invited by the artist for this purpose and their mutual cooperation aims to become an integral part of the whole enterprise.


The first exhibition of the Logos-Bios cycle was presented at the Gdańsk City Gallery in 2012 and since then seven artists have been invited to show their works. Each of them embodies distinct experience, intuition and explorations exemplifying the array of stances existing in the nature of creators.


Marek Targoński was born in Łapy near Białystok in 1969. Between 1990 and 1996 he studied at the Faculty of Sculpture of the State High School of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. He completed his diploma was at the Sculpture Studio of Prof. Franciszek Duszeńko. The annex to his diploma was supervised by assistant doc. Witosław Czerwonka in his Studio of Intermedia. Since 1997 he has been working at the Faculty of Sculpture ot the Gdańsk AoFA. In 2013 he defended his habilitation thesis. Between 1992 and 1999 he was cooperating with the Wyspa Gallery and the Wyspa Progress Fundation. He spent 1997 on a scholarship in Koln as part of “Transfer. International exchange of artists and exhibitions, North Rhine Westphalia – Poland” project. In 2022 he was a grant holder of the Ministry of Culture Creativity Promotion Fund. At present he is a Professor of AoFA at the Faculty of Sculpture and Intermedia.

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