Grassomania 10: Jane's Walk

Fizz Powder on the Tongues

Part ONE: Jane′s Walk + picnic

Venue: Gdańska Galeria Güntera Grassa + Park Świętopełka, ul. Szeroka 37
Date: 06.05.2018
Walk: 06.05, at 12.00 (meeting point:
Gdańska Galeria Güntera Grassa, ul. Szeroka 37)
Pinic: 06.05, at 14.00, park Świętopełka
Marta Wróblewska
Cooperation: Justyna Borucka
Free admission

This year’s motto of the 10th edition of Grassomania festival is Fizz Powder on the Tongues. The major focus will be placed on experiencing the city through the senses. For, the taste, smell and feeling of the fizz powder on the tongue would many a times transfer Günter Grass and the protagonists of his books to the magic times of childhood, bringing back invaluable memories.
The first meeting within this year’s Grassomania will take place on May 6th. We will join the professors and students of Architecture from the local University of Technology, as well as their special guests, on a Jane’s Walk. This means rediscovering the interesting spots in Gdańsk’s Old Town on foot, however this time with the extensive use of all our senses. Our guests will be invited to take (inter)active part in experiencing the space around them. They will be given special notebooks in order to be able to register their impressions. Those, willing to share them in a form of photos, short films, written comments, etc. will be able to do so by sending their materials to the email address till the end of May. Selected proposals will be put on our website and will serve as inspirations for artists who will take part in the main Grassomania event.
The final part of Grassomania will take place on September 2nd

After the walk we will relax by good music and food in Świętopełk Park. The OMnom cooking collective will acquaint us with Japanese cuisine in shape of the popular onigiri. Everybody will be welcome to join our cooking event and prepare their own version of this Far Eastern dish according to their own taste. There will be also time to discuss the impressions gathered during the walk.

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