Grassomania 8 Sieroca – Revisited


Grassomania 8 Sieroca – Revisited
3rd of September 2016, 12 P.M. – 10 P.M.
place: The former House of Charity at Sieroca 6-8 str.
curator: Marta Wróblewska

As a part of the 8th edition of the Grassomania Festival we once again enter the public space and encourage you to take part in the programme prepared at an unusual venue which will soon become a home for the collection of works of two exceptional residents of Gdańsk – Günter Grass and admired by him Daniel Chodowiecki.

The former House of Charity at Sieroca remembers not only the times of Grass but also of Chodowiecki himself, since it was built in 1699 as a shelter for the homeless and the poor, while later it was turned into a home and a school for orphans in Gdańsk. Looking from the historical perspective of our city, this is a building of great significance and value, since it survived World War II intact and in 1967 was included in the register of historic monuments. Due to their exceptional value, buildings located at Sieroca will undergo a thorough restoration process, thus regaining their original public character. The former House of Charity will become the House of Daniel Chodowiecki and Günter Grass – two artists being the key figures in the community of distinguished residents of Gdańsk who made our city famous in Europe and worldwide.

On the occasion of informal inauguration of a new space devoted to culture and art, we would like to invite you to take part in an all-day programme of special events, including: exhibitions, meetings, lectures, performances, workshops, location-based game, and concerts. This is a unique moment for this space – the time of passing, transformation and development which we can all be an integral part of!

As a part of the Grassomania Festival we will present artistic projects which take up topics related to temporary states, undefined phases, narrative dialogues, mixing of past, present and future, overlapping of real and virtual reality, utopian visions of the world and the surrounding space.

We invited the following artists:
Bombina Bombast (SE), Alicja i Dmitrij Buławka-Fankidejscy + Mateusz Michalczyk (PL), CoreAct (Anika Barkan & Helene Kvint) (DK), Michael Johansson & Geza Ribberström Palyi (SE), Kata Mijatović (HR), Opiemme (IT), Francesco Paolucci (IT), Sumit Pandey (NO), Zoran Pavelić (HR), Piotr Rutkowski (PL), Daniel Segerberg (SE/DE), Marcin Stąporek (PL), Michał Szlaga (PL), TABANDA, Krzysztof Topolski aka Arszyn (PL), Christoph Vogel (DE).

Oprawę muzyczną zapewnią: Kevin Kerney & Danpyset Banjamin Thai (Dj show and musical performance) and the Chęcki/Zienkowski band

Workshops and location-based game will be prepared by: Dwie Ole

Catering will be provided by: Kolektyw Samo Dobro

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This event is part of The People’s Smart Sculpture project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.