Meeting with Kamil Zając

When: 12th May, 6 P.M.
Where: Gdansk City Gallery of Günter Grass, Szeroka Street 34/35-37

KAMIL ZAJĄC is a polish poet,veteran of modernist wars for a better tomorrow”, repeatedly convicted for failure duties superiors. Personal secretary of Munina Schwartz aka Adabisi, whose songs have been translated into English (quarterly „New Letters). His lyrics are often combined with music and video. Too lazy and inept marketing, to take care of the issue of the final book of poems Cries and ranks.” He lives in Wroclaw.

Meeting with artist, within Morning shifts program, will take place on 12th May at 6 P.M. and it will be conduct by polish poet – Andrzej Fac.

Free entrance. 

The partners of Morning shifts program are:  galeria Dizajn BWA Wrocław, Tajne Komplety Bookstore and Tymoteusz Karpowicz Foundation.