Gdansk Biennale of Art 2012

The 2nd Gdansk Biennale of Art is a competition-like event aimed at professional artists based and creating in the Pomerania region. The exhibition will be on display in the Gunter Grass Gallery of Art in Gdansk. The name of the winning artist will be announced during the final exhibition day on June 17, 2012 and followed by issuing the catalogue.


The Gdansk Biennale of Art 2012 is the second implementation of an artistic event displaying the creative output of several dozen local artists. Its purpose is to enliven and integrate the artistic community but also to offer an interesting cultural proposition to both local inhabitants and tourists. However the bottom line of the biennale is an attempt to grasp the most recent trends and directions that are the focus of attention for the visual artists in the region. During the competitive exhibition, which aims to bringing together representatives of several generations, various kinds of art techniques will be shown. The event resonates with the call to the local artists of Pomerania for the presentation of a wide spectrum of their latest works on a regular, periodical basis.