05 07 2024
– 06 10 2024

69. Małgorzata Żerwe’s Threads

Venue: GGM2, Powroźnicza 13/15
Date: 05.07-06.10.2024
Vernissage: 05.07.2024, 6 pm
Artist: Małgorzata Żerwe
Curator: Marta Wróblewska
Visual identification: Ania Witkowska


The exhibition celebrating Małgorzata Żerwe’s 70th birthday and 50th year in the Tri-City cultural scene has an open and hybrid character. Presented in two instalments – a chronological and problem-based overview at the Gdańsk City Gallery (GGM2), and a dynamic site-specific installation at WL4 – it is an attempt to summarise, catalogue and interpret the artist’s multidisciplinary oeuvre.


The leitmotif of Żerwe’s work is the thread recurring both in her woven works and the narratives that she spins. Identified with continuity, it intertwines texts and images, looping them around the symbolism of the number 69, which signifies harmony and infinity. The titular threads are incarnations of the archives collected by the artist, which comprise seemingly banal objects, found in nature or on flea markets, as well as stories of anonymous or named protagonists. At the exhibition, these archives take various forms, from the traditional orderly compilations of (arte)facts to re-enactments of selected places: the Bizarre section recreates the atmosphere of Sopot’s SFINKS, while Studio is an overview of Małgorzata Żerwe’s student works collated with some of her later pieces.

Remembering is work,  observed Walter Benjamin in The “Berlin Chronicle” Notices. A retrospective exhibition is an intensive exercise in memory. Reaching into the past, one must, like an archaeologist, uncover it layer by layer. This may be a source of valuable findings. This may also help outline a fuller picture of reality, past and present. An important aspect of Małgorzata Żerwe’s archaeology is critical reflection, often tinged with a hint of (self-)irony and humour. At times, she interlaces facts with fiction, playing with the ambiguity and potentiality of the resulting scenarios. In doing so, she often finds value in marginal areas, which gives her oeuvre a deeply humanistic perspective. Many of her works are anecdotal records of the fleeting and incidental: impressions, emotions, moments. These mini-archives of everyday life spur reflection on the passing world, watched with only the slightest of winks.


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